About Us

M/s Mastermind Publications (India) Private Limited is a Private Company Limited by Shares, incorporated under the Provision s of companies Act, 1656 vide Registration No. 20-19706 dated 29, March 1996. The Main objects of the company are publication of children book. The company, since its incorporation is in the business of publications of children books, activity books and other related items.
The Registered office as well the principal place of business of the company is situated at 40/9, Jai Devi Nagar, Garh Road , Meerut. The premises are owned by the directors of the company and the same have been leased out to the company. There is no active branch of the company.
The company initially started the business of publications of children educations books in the year 1994 on low scale covering few cities in the State of Utter Pradesh. With the passage of time, the business of the company developed and it spread over many states of the country e.g. Rajasthan, Harayana, J&K, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab etc. The main business activity of the company is still publication of educational books for children.
The Company, itself, has no production line of its own and the entire production is outsourced on Job Basis. The Company sells its product through its agent network and convessing / Marketing by the directors and employees.